Dark Spider – 1st Visualized Onion Search Engine


Dark Spider is the first transform set that operates on Tor network, worldwide.

Dark Spider transform set consists of three (3) transforms.

While using Dark Spider Search Engine transform we can search for any onion website we want by feeding a single or multiple keyword(s) of our choice and instantly get a visualized view.

For example: “book” keyword

This transform runs on top of the results of the first one (transform) and extracts every single url, that appears on the onion website the user selected.

Third and last transform of the Dark-Spider transform set, Dark Spider Keyword Finder, offers the ability of identifying the existence of keywords in the source code of every link of the onion websites that were extracted in the previous steps.

Every day, with the use of our custom Tor crawlers, about 20,000 onion websites with full collection of their activities are being archived and classified.

We collect and categorize these onions according to the products/services they offer and this intel can be provided to important partners like government agencies, businesses, cyber crime investigators, analysts or even regular internet users for investigation purposes.


DATA SET : 4.000.000 archived and classified onion websites (daily lookup)

Darknet anonymity is proven to attract criminal oriented ideas and cyber criminals who in turn, have the opportunity to get in touch with their partners in crime while they remain hidden and discuss how to organize their attacks, sell illegal products of any kind, threaten your organization, country, city, brand sign or your company’s products.

Until today, it was rather hard to access this open but vast unorganized collection of data. Dark Spider transform set guarantees that these difficulties belong in the past. It gives you the chance to gain direct access to millions of Tor hidden services with minimum effort, as well as gather information, prevent damage and investigate anything you wish.

Audax Cybersecurity
Audax Cybersecurity

DATA SET: Forum tracking , Illegal transaction oriented discussion channels

Darknet black markets are the most preferred areas where any kind of illegal transactions anyone can imagine come true. With Dark Spider transform set now everyone has the ability to get informed about this kind of illegal activities in just a single place without using any specialized anonymity software, operating systems or even Tor Bundle itself at all.

Posses a clear view of how Darknet hidden services connect with each other, what kind of products/services are in high demand, what kind of crypto-coins these illegal transactions are made with and many more.


  • Dark Net Monitoring

  • Criminal Forum Monitoring

  • Dialogue Protocol Monitoring (IRC, Etc )

  •  Online investigations

  • Automated Open Source Intelligence collection

  • Data Dumps

  • Executive impersonation attack identification


  • MSSP Teams

  • SOC Teams

  • Cyber Threat Intelligence

  • Corporate Security

  • Intelligence Analysts

  • Legal Professionals

  • Detectives and Investigators

  • Commercial

  • Government and Military

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