The Greek cybersecurity company, Audax Cybersecurity, is forming a team to participate in the annual national cyber defence exercise "Panoptis 2018" and invites those interested in participating in it to express their interest as individuals or as a team by Monday 23 April.

The national cyber defence exercise "Panoptis" has been conducted every year since 2010, in a controlled environment, under the coordination of the Cyber Defence Directorate (DIKYB) of the General Staff of National Defence (GNDF). The objective of such exercises is to test the procedures and capabilities of organizations and critical infrastructure in dealing with cyber attacks and to train participants in real-life conditions," Theofanis Kasimis, CEO of Audax Cybersecurity, tells NetFAX.

Through the team that Audax Cybersecurity will create, it intends to help IT and information systems security professionals who have never participated in the exercise before to get familiar and work in virtual environments on electronic warfare with real scenarios. "Anyone can participate in the team we are forming, as long as they also have the necessary knowledge on the information systems security part", notes Th. Kasimis. Of course, there are other groups that can be created and they are usually institutional bodies, i.e. a university or a community such as ELLAK.

Since 2010, when the exercise was conducted, the incidents, as they are called within the exercise, have been different every year. However, there is no lack of episodes on the forensics part of Windows and Linux software, but also on Web application vulnerabilities. "The most interesting part of the exercise is the CTF ( Capture the Flag), an online game-episode, bordering on a real-life scenario to detect a would-be intruder in a system," says Th. Kasimis adds: "I recommend that no one should be afraid to register, as it is not the result or how far we get that matters, but the journey and the experience gained that greatly improves our skills...".