How the Turkish hackers know EVERYTHING about Greeks - The next attacks

Σοκάρουν τα στοιχεία – Οι Τούρκοι χάκερς ετοιμάζουν «χτυπήματα» σε 700 ελληνικές ιστοσελίδες – Η επιχείρηση με κωδικό «Ελλάδα 2» στοχεύει μεταξύ άλλων στα υπουργεία Δικαιοσύνης και Εξωτερικών, στο ΓΕΝ, στο ΓΕΑ, στο ΓΕΕΘΑ, καθώς και στην ιστοσελίδα της ΤτΕ. Με την ένταση στις ελληνοτουρκικές σχέσεις στο «κόκκινο» λόγω της σύλληψης των δύο Ελλήνων στρατιωτικών […]

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Warning: message - virus with "bait" the tragedy in Tempi - circulated by SMS and Messenger

A new message-virus has been circulating over the past 24 hours via SMS and Messenger. While the country mourns 57 deaths in Tembi, many mobile phones or Facebook Messenger receive the following message: "Look who died in an accident, I think you know him/her." This is accompanied by a sad emoji to make it more convincing...

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Theophanis Kasimis: After WhatsApp, what?

WhatsApp, used by 1.5 billion people worldwide, released a security update in the past few days and urged users to install it immediately on their devices. This was done because hackers identified a "vulnerable point" in the popular application, allowing them to install spyware on users' phones. Not all users were targeted by the hackers...

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Theophanis Kasimis: New challenge from Turkish hackers

In the early hours of Sunday, September 6, members of the Turkish hacker group "Ayyildiz" targeted the website of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (, posting nationalist images, slogans, and a video clip from a song by the band "Grey Wolves." The website experienced a temporary outage for a few hours until its functionality was restored. On the same day...

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Fanis, thank you for the time you're taking today to get to know each other. You are known as the most famous Greek hacker. You declare yourself as a cybersecurity expert. Which of the two terms do you adopt for yourself more? The term I prefer to be attributed to me is Cybersecurity Expert. When I started engaging in hacking as a hobby, I didn't...

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When hackers decide to play football

When hackers decide to play football, what digital security measures do Greek teams take to avoid being "tricked" like Barcelona and Real Madrid? Last August, the international football market was alarmed by the attacks suffered by the social media accounts of Barcelona and Real Madrid, making everyone realize how vulnerable they can be.

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Crime in Glyka Nera : Digital evidence revealed Caroline's killer

Mr. Theofanis Kasimis was invited to Faye Mavriganis' show to talk about the digital evidence found at the residence of the unfortunate Caroline. Audax Cybersecurity: Digital evidence revealed Caroline's murderer - Part 1. It was the digital evidence that led the Hellenic Police to solve the case of the unfortunate Caroline's murder.

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Cyber attacks: What to watch out for on Black Friday

In the TV show "MEGA Weekend," the cybersecurity expert Mr. Theofanis Kasimis discussed the traps and risks present on the Internet ahead of Black Friday. According to Mr. Kasimis, we need to be extremely cautious with every click we make online, as it can have fatal consequences. Especially on Black Friday, extra vigilance is required to avoid potential dangers.

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As Theofanis Kasimis highlights in his interview with Vision Network Athens for, the culture, habits, and way of life of a nation affect the level of cybersecurity. The Greek people tend to consider securing their websites, networks, and social media accounts as something inferior.

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Something is going on with Marion - Illegal COVID-19 vaccines sold on the Dark Web

Mr.Kasimis Theofanis, CEO of Audax Cybersecurity, was a guest on ERT1 and the show "Something is going on with Marion" and they discussed the illegal COVID-19 vaccines sold on the Dark Web. Watch the conversation from 01:46:00 of the video. 18Apr2021 - Something's up with Marion Every Saturday and Sunday, from 9 [...]

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