Shocking data - Turkish hackers are preparing "attacks" on 700 Greek websites - The operation code-named "Greece 2" targets, among others, the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, the General Staff, the General Staff, the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the website of the Hellenic Central Bank.

With the tension in Greek-Turkish relations in the red due to the arrest of the two Greek soldiers in Evros and the Turkish provocativeness in the Aegean Sea continuing from air and sea, an escalating cyber war between Turkish and Greek hackers is underway.

Ethnos of Kyriakiaki, which gained access to a report delivered to the Greek Police by a cybersecurity company that followed the "traces" of Erdogan hackers on forums and the dark web, reveals the plans of the provocative online operations "Greece 1 - Feto" (Yunanistan 1 - FETO) and "Greece 2" (Yunanistan 2).

As part of the first, Turkish hackers have attacked dozens of state infrastructures in our country in retaliation for the Greek judiciary's refusal to extradite the eight Turkish military officers who escaped after the 2016 coup attempt, as they claim. And they say on Turkish online forums that they are organizing an escalation of their attacks as part of the second operation they launched with the double strike on the Athens-Macedonian News Agency this week.

They have targeted the Greek Army

According to a report sent on Friday night by Audax Cybersecurity to the Greek Police Headquarters and the National Authority for Countering Cybercrime, during their current second operation against Greece, Turkish hackers have targeted the Greek Army, banks and key ministries. Their publications on the dark web show that their main targets are the Ministries of Justice and Foreign Affairs, the General Staff, the General Staff, the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the website of the Bank of Greece.

In fact, in one of their publications, a snapshot of which is included in the Audax Cybersecurity report, they claim - without confirmation - that they have successfully hacked the websites of the Ministry of Justice, the Bank of Greece, the Ministers of Environment and Transport and the Cooperative Bank of Epirus.

As the cybersecurity company that is tracking down the hackers reports in "Ethnos of Kyriaki", in their discussions on the dark web about operation "Yunanistan 2" they say that they intend to attack 700 "high-priority" targets.

This is how they do the "hits"

The CEO of Audax Cybersecurity, Mr. Theofanis Kasimis explains to "Ethnos of Kyriakiaki" that by monitoring the discussions of hackers in their forums and on the dark web they seem to organize their attacks against our country during the current second operation in the following way:

"Each member of the team separately searches for vulnerable - and non-vulnerable - websites in Greece and evaluates each website individually. If they see that it is easy to be hacked, each member acts alone.

If it is of high importance and well armored, they act in coordination as a team and try to bring it down. Indeed, in the case of some sites, they may even join all the teams together.

At the same time, Mr. Kasimis reveals that "in the case of high-profile websites, the breach may not be immediately noticeable if the websites are operating normally and the hackers have not applied the method of 'digital vandalism' (deface)".

"We will throw you into the sea"
It is recalled that on Monday 30 April, Turkish hackers attacked the main webpage of APE - MPE.

See in's gallery the provocative message they had uploaded:

Revelation - "bombshell": this is how the Turkish hackers will "strike" in Greece