Crime in Glyka Nera : Digital evidence revealed Caroline's killer

Mr. Theofanis Kasimis was invited to Faye Mavriganis' show to talk about the digital evidence found at the residence of the unfortunate Caroline. Audax Cybersecurity: Digital evidence revealed Caroline's murderer - Part 1. It was the digital evidence that led the Hellenic Police to solve the case of the unfortunate Caroline's murder.

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Cyber attacks: What to watch out for on Black Friday

In the TV show "MEGA Weekend," the cybersecurity expert Mr. Theofanis Kasimis discussed the traps and risks present on the Internet ahead of Black Friday. According to Mr. Kasimis, we need to be extremely cautious with every click we make online, as it can have fatal consequences. Especially on Black Friday, extra vigilance is required to avoid potential dangers.

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As Theofanis Kasimis highlights in his interview with Vision Network Athens for, the culture, habits, and way of life of a nation affect the level of cybersecurity. The Greek people tend to consider securing their websites, networks, and social media accounts as something inferior.

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Something is going on with Marion - Illegal COVID-19 vaccines sold on the Dark Web

Mr.Kasimis Theofanis, CEO of Audax Cybersecurity, was a guest on ERT1 and the show "Something is going on with Marion" and they discussed the illegal COVID-19 vaccines sold on the Dark Web. Watch the conversation from 01:46:00 of the video. 18Apr2021 - Something's up with Marion Every Saturday and Sunday, from 9 [...]

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Cyber war between Greece and Turkey - Did the Turkish hackers get evidence?

Cyber war between Greece and Turkey - Did the Turkish hackers get evidence? My article on the website For the past few days until today, Greece has been subjected to a non-stop cyber war by Turkish hacker groups aiming to damage Greek state infrastructure. The tactics of these groups are well known, as whenever there is a diplomatic explosion between the two countries, these [...]

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Audax Cybersecurity: seeking the source of fake news in the age of the coronavirus

The process of recording news and posts that distort reality is in progress. Audax Cybersecurity is developing specialized software that will search for the source of each article published on websites and social media platforms. It will operate using a special algorithm that facilitates the detection of fake news. Audax Cybersecurity specializes in this field and is moving forward with the project.

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Interview of Mr. Kasimis Theofanis on personal data | Metida newspaper

The MITIDA newspaper is one of the largest newspapers in the Corinthia Prefecture! Question: For the first time in human history, there is an eye, a global force that monitors everything with our participation, as we leave our personal footprint on the internet. Can we protect our privacy? Answer: Every time we visit a website, the...

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TV appearance of Mr.Kasimis Theofanis in the OPEN GREECE show

On 24/03/2020 Mr. Kasimis Theofanis spoke via Skype in the show "OPEN GREECE" of Mr. Karameros and Mr. Haritatos about the safe work of employees who work remotely for their companies. Kasimis argued how employees can work from home, organize their own schedules and save large amounts of [...]

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"Sextortion Scam" campaign on Greek MPs | Parapolitical 90.1FM

Listen to a replay of the interview I gave to Mr.Takis Dimitris and Parapolitika 90.1FM, about the blackmail emails received by Greek MPs, parliamentary editors and employees of the Parliament....

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Turkish Cyber Attacks - Mr. Kasimis Theophanis appears on Star Channel's main newscast

Do the Turkish hackers have the technological background to inflict a strong blow to Greece by leaking sensitive information? We told it all today EXCLUSIVELY on Star Channel news... Watch it here:

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