The Audax Cybersecurity announces its cooperation with the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Athens for the re-strengthening of the Greek-Italian commercial partnerships that have always been and will remain strong.

The Athens-based HELLENIC-Italian Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1952 and is the link between Greece and Italy for the development and promotion of bilateral economic and commercial cooperation.

Member of the ASSOCAMERESTERO (Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce) which is active all over the world and officially recognized by the Italian and Greek state, assists and supports Greek-Italian commercial transactions through the provision of specialized services to its members.

It is the most reliable partner for Greek companies operating in the Italian market or aiming to export their products to it. As a body representing the business interests of the two countries, it offers its registered members reliable and useful services for their cooperation with the Italian market as well as for their promotion and networking.

The role of the Chamber is to assist its members both in Greece and Italy by providing a number of direct and specifically designed services that will assist in the effective operation of its members' businesses.

Membership is available to companies and individuals in Greece and Italy , who are engaged in or interested in promoting business and economic relations between the two countries , and who support the objectives of the Chamber.

The cooperation with the Hellenic-Italian Chamber offers a number of benefits and these are:

-Free admission to Italian fairs of your interest and information on all Italian fairs.

-Information and invitation to b2b business meetings with Italian companies that will be interested in cooperating with the Greek market.

-Offers and requests from the Italian market.

-Translation services at discounted prices.

-Promotion of your company through the new webportal

-Presentation of your company in our new newsletter and on our facebook page.

-Special offer for reliable business information (bounced cheques, unfavourable data, articles of association and deed of incorporation) for the Italian companies you are going to work with.

-Promotion of MADE IN ITALY in the Greek market and MADE IN GREECE in the Italian market with a series of events and actions.

For contacting the Hellenic-Italian Chamber of Commerce you can visit the website,