Ransomware Decryption

Audax Cybersecurity due to its many years of experience in dealing with cyber attacks can take on and manage incidents such as Ransomwares.

We have a team of analysts with high technical expertise and can conduct the necessary reverse engineering techniques in order to decrypt your files.

We also have the Cyber Radar service which operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and provides full protection in real time, eliminating threats such as ransomware.

We are at your disposal to discuss at length the ransomwares response plan and choose the ideal and best plan to shield your business.

Ransomware Incident Response Services

Audax Cybersecurity advises fraudsters not to make a ransom payment because they may not receive the decryption key from the hackers.

Therefore, our company will have to study the data in order to provide you with alternatives for the recovery of the files.

The procedure we follow in these cases is as follows:

- Ερευνούμε τα υπολογιστικά σας συστήματα για να μάθουμε στοιχεία της επίθεσης και ποιά αρχεία εχουν κλειδωθεί,

- Ταυτοποιούμε τον τύπο του Ransomware και έπειτα μέσω των Decryptors αναζητάμε εκεί λύση.

- Ξεκινάει η διαδικασία αποκρυπτογράφησης των αρχείων.

Throughout the process described above and in everything that follows we are in constant communication with you to avoid any error in the execution of the required actions.

For everything we do on a technical level we also inform you with the corresponding reports.

We have services that can provide you with complete protection against any threat, preventing intruders immediately and in real time. So you will never have a similar unpleasant experience again because we guarantee the smooth operation of your computers.

Our analysts work on a daily basis, in three shifts throughout the year and are on standby to prevent any attempted intrusion or threat.

Therefore, with Cyber Radar your business is in a safe and protected environment where we ensure its smooth operation.

Then we recommend the following services:

1. Penetration Test
2. Cyber Radar

Cost of operations (Incident Response Service).
The time of the work usually ranges from 7 to 15 days depending of course on the nature of the incident.

In summary Audax Cybersecurity provides you with :

  • Technical service from qualified personnel of our company.
  • File decryption.
  • Declaration on the data protection authority.
  • Report for an insurance company.
  • The company's future protection plan.

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