The Audax Cybersecurity It participates in the initiative of the Ministry of Digital Governance, #DigitalSolidarityGR, and offers FREE security audits for corporate websites for 1 YEAR, ensuring the safety of employees working remotely.

In recent times, amid the pandemic, we have witnessed numerous cases of website hacking aimed at stealing personal data and passwords.

Audax Cybersecurity implements the process of identification and assessment of vulnerabilities with the aim of identifying potential security gaps or weaknesses that could serve as entry points into a company's IT systems with devastating consequences.

How it works:
The study includes as a deliverable the complete recording of vulnerabilities with the aim of creating a secure strategy for addressing them. Detection is distinguished into external and internal:

External Vulnerability Assessment
Internal Vulnerability Assessment

All the above methods and techniques are implemented by our specialized personnel, utilizing not only the most advanced commercially available software from leading vendors and the latest versions of known and lesser-known attack toolkits, but mainly utilizing tools developed by the R&D department of Audax Cybersecurity with the aim of detecting and effectively addressing even previously unknown threats (0-day attacks).