Dear customers and partners,

In order to protect our employees, customers and partners from the coronavirus (COVID - 19) and wishing to comply with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), as well as domestic public bodies, we have taken the following precautionary measures:

  • Meetings on our premises are prohibited until further notice and have been replaced with more flexible forms of communication, such as telephone appointments and communication via an encrypted platform.
  • Employees and executives of the company are required to disinfect their hands in antiseptic liquid bases.
  • Explicit orders have been given in which a very strict policy is applied; not to allow employees with suspicious symptoms to enter the company or have had recent contact with a confirmed case.
  • They have been given clear instructions to company staff, which relate to prevention measures, but also information on the nature of the problem (always based on what the scientific community claims).
  • At regular intervals (approximately every hour) disinfected under supervision, communal surfaces (e.g. knobs, switches, toilets & kitchen surfaces).
  • In key points of the company, but also in each department, antiseptic liquid bases have been placed, so that all employees have access and in addition, they have been given rubber gloves for those who come into contact with potential sources of contamination (e.g. money or documents, etc.).
  • Employees are regularly informed by the HR department and their managers about developments and possible new instructions.
  • Regarding travel abroad, persons who have recently visited areas in the red zone have been denied entry, and more generally, officials themselves have been asked to avoid non-urgent travel. If an official is obliged to travel, he or she is required to remain outside the company at the end of the trip preventively for 14 days.
  • Employees have been given clear instructions regarding the communications they should make in case they feel unwell or experience "suspicious" symptoms (e.g., contacting the National Public Health Organization and notifying their superiors). This is done to take the necessary actions to protect the company's human resources and, by extension, our customers and partners.
  • All of the above is valid until further notice and will obviously be revised and adapted as needs arise.

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that amidst this unique situation we are experiencing, we are operating with responsibility and understanding in order to return to our normal routines as soon as possible.