Audax Cybersecurity urges their citizens not to disclose the five items below!
Date of Birth
It is obvious that everyone is happy to see their Facebook "wall" filled with birthday wishes. But the same joy is also felt by various fraudsters. Why? Because your Date ofa Birth along with your Full Name and along with a Photo of you in your profile, is enough to forge an Identity Card, Driver's License and even a Passport. Therefore... Happy Birthday? Or maybe not.
Family Status
The word "Single" itself acts as an "attraction" for criminals. In fact, when you change your "Marital Status" from "Married" to "Single", automatically those who are watching your profile with other motives realize that you are in a "vulnerable position" and especially that you are now "alone at home".s
"Where I am"
Publicising your every move, and where you are, or "uploading" photos of your holiday where you are while giving information about your return time is the best thing for criminals. You collect likes and they collect useful information.
"Alone at home"
"Posting" on Facebook or other social media that "you are alone at home" is one of the worst mistakes. Usually this happens with younger ages but the danger lurks for adults as well.
Photos of your children
Perhaps the biggest mistake someone can make on social media is to post pictures of their children. The risks are enormous. Read on for the 3 risks, which based on evidence are the most likely to happen:
Firstly, collecting information about your children. Companies specialize in "filing", where they collect every piece of information that is uploaded to the internet, so that, strange as it may seem to you, in the future they will have a complete electronic record of your child from the day of his or her birth with photos, data and other material.
In addition, every photo of a child on Facebook and the internet in general is a candidate for exploitation by paedophile rings.At the same time, every photo of a child that is uploaded is a candidate for technical processing with special programs so that the child appears naked on illegal paedophile websites.