The Audax Cybersecurity will be at Infocom Security 2017 on 29-30 March at Divani Caravel with its own booth and will present its specialized services to the public in the presence of its CEO, Mr.

Audax Cybersecurity has created a set of services aimed at the prevention and suppression of cyber attacks and the continuous monitoring of your information systems and provides services vulnerability assessment, virtual attacks on the vulnerabilities of your information systems in order to simulate unauthorized access to sensitive data, commercial transactions, financial data and personal data of your customers and partners (ultimate penetration testing).

In addition, using WebApp Malware Scan provides detailed control and cleaning of your web application (Web Site / Shop) from malware that results in data theft, the degradation of your page in search engines as well as the addition to lists of antivirus programs (antivirus) as malicious.

In addition, Audax Cybersecurity researchers undertake the resolution of malicious insider cases (Insider) as well as fraud cases (Fraud investigation).

Finally, completing the cybersecurity services of companies we provide services and code auditing to find weak points in the code of your application and consulting services on IT issues.

Cyber Fraud Investigation

The investigators of Audax Cybersecurity undertake the resolution of fraud cases (Cyber Fraud investigation) and mainly in cases related to corporate, financial, identity theft and online fraud.

The main forms of online fraud we investigate are:

a) Spanish Lotto

b) "419 scams" or "Nigerian scams"

c) Credit card fraud

d) Spamming- Απάτη

e) Phising of personal data

f) Pharming

g) Pyramidal Work Systems

h) Job offer

i ) Debt Elimination (Debt Elimination)

j) Ransomware Virus - CryptoWall

k) Mobile phones and internet traps

l) Online Auctions (Auctions)

m) Malicious network intrusions (Hacking)

n) Attacks on websites

o) Internet piracy