Audax Cybersecurity is particularly sensitive to children and their surfing on the internet and publishes safety tips on how children can surf safely:

  • On the internet it is easier to lie about who you really are.
  • We do not accept strangers on our social media accounts.
  • We use the privacy settings on the websites we visit.
  • We don't put provocative names on our profiles.
  • We never arrange meetings with people we have met through the internet.
  • We do not send sensitive information or inappropriate videos or photos of us.
  • We are never tempted by money or gifts, even if someone offers you money to rehearse in inappropriate scenes, it is still abuse.
  • We seek the advice and support of an adult we know loves and trusts us.
  • Always remember that even if the person you are talking to online is really who they appear to be, there is a chance that they could be part of a child exploitation ring.