The symbols of pedophiles

According to chapter 7 of the "Pedophile Handbook", which contains a "Code" of communication between them, which was found on the "Dark Web", after targeted research, members of pedophile "organizations" use various kinds of symbols and logos to identify each other. In this way they communicate to other members their sexual preferences and the identities (gender and age) of their 'targets'. With bracelets, rings, tattoos and even coins they serve this sick purpose.

BLogo: «boylover»

The BLogo, "boylover" symbolized by two blue triangles, one inside the other, in a spiral form. This symbol refers to pedophiles who prefer young boys.

LBLogo: «littleboylover»

The LBLogo, "littleboylover", symbolized by a similar Blogo design, without corners, and indicating a preference for little boys.

Glogo : «Girllover»

Glogo, "Girllover", symbolized by two hearts inside each other and indicating a preference for girls.

Clogo : «Childlover»

Clogo, "Childlover", symbolized by a butterfly with heart-shaped wings, indicates a preference for both sexes.