Audax Cybersecurity protects businesses, organizations and homes from hacker attacks and develops specialized technology to help government intelligence and law enforcement agencies detect and prevent terrorism and crime.

Businesses rely not only on their systems but also on human resources for their proper and smooth operation. However secure the systems may be, they are managed entirely by humans, who are the critical target factor for malicious users.

However, an informed user with continuous training is an asset to the business as it can prevent a potential attack on the company he works for and, of course, on himself.

Audax Cybersecurity comes to provide a solution to this very sensitive part of information and education.

We announce the first Greek executive training platform, CAN YOY PHISH ME, and our goal is to train the staff of a company or organization through the training, monitoring and performance monitoring platform for trainees, which supports a wide range of security training programs.

Characteristics of the Platform:

Basic Tests

We provide basic testing to assess the percentage of your users-employees who are susceptible to falling victim to phishing, and this is achieved through simulating phishing attacks, also known as social engineering.

"We phish" your employees for a good cause.

We offer fully automated phishing simulations with thousands of multi-purpose templates and various themes from the phishing community, including fake banking websites.

Customized Phishing Pages

In addition to the provided templates, we can customize scenarios based on personal information, creating targeted spear phishing campaigns. Each phishing template can have its own customized page and specifically capture sensitive information from the phishing attempt.

Customized Attachments

The customized Phishing Templates we have can include simulated attachments in the following formats: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF (as well as zipped versions of files).

Results and reports are provided on a weekly basis.

Reports are provided on a weekly basis, indicating the extent to which your company's executives are properly trained. These reports include statistical data and graphs related to both security awareness and phishing.

The main topics covered by the training platform include, among others:

1. Credit Card Security

2. Create & Manage Strong Passwords

3. Secure Management of Sensitive Data

4. Safe Navigation

5. Safe use of Social Media

6. Corporate Email Breach Attacks (BEC Scams)

7. Ransomware attacks

8. E-mail Spoofing attacks

9. Malware Attacks

10. Phishing attacks

11. USB attacks

12. Social Engineering

13. Data Classification (Data Classification)

14. Creating a "Human Firewall" (Human Firewall)

15. User Recognition and Identification

16. Safety When Using Mobile Devices

17. Safe Internet Behaviour

18. Awareness of Call Center Employees (Call Center & Help

Desk Αwareness)

19. Raising awareness of the Top Safety Issues

20. Raising awareness of Safe Use issues among managers

Computer Systems & Data Protection

21. Safety in the Work Environment

An essential tool for your business and your staff.

Always remember how in a company or organisation the human factor is the first target of cybercriminals.

Contact us to schedule a presentation and see how we can train your staff.

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