A new message-virus has been circulating in the last 24 hours via SMS and Messenger.

As the country mourns the 57 dead in Tempe, the following message arrives on many mobile phones or Facebook Messenger: "Look who died in an accident, I think you know him". This is accompanied by a sad emoji to make it more convincing and a link inviting you to 'click' on it...

Those who fell for it, however, were... " fell for it".

This is the outrageous message

Warning: message - virus with "bait" the tragedy in Tempi - circulated by SMS and Messenger

Enikos.gr contacted Theofanis Kasimis, the owner of Audax Cybersecurity, a company specializing in cybersecurity and hacking, who stated: "We identified the message in accounts we have for research purposes. It is sick, the most despicable thing I have seen."

As he explains, whoever receives such a message at this time, his mind goes directly to the railway tragedy in Tempe and so, as an unsuspecting person, he "clicks" to see what happens next.

What happens if you click on the link
What is certain is that it is a virus which is, however, under investigation. According to Theophanis Kasimi, the link leads to a fake website that invites you to enter your e-mail address and then extracts data from it.

In the next few hours it will be determined whether this message also hides some malware that infects the device, which then leads to dangerous losses.