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What is Soundcloud?

SoundCloud is an online service aimed at musicians, giving them the opportunity to share with each other and with the public the works they create, as well as to open up whole conversations around each track.

It is not an online store, but rather a platform where artists can showcase their new works through demos and receive relevant feedback. On the other hand, the difference from MySpace, which offers a similar service, lies in the control that SoundCloud gives to its users regarding the description and commenting on a track.

In this field, every artist has a wide range of options regarding the information they can provide for each track: from catalog number and release date to manually setting the BPM (Beats Per Minute) or adding accompanying artwork. Additionally, it is up to the creator to decide whether the track will be available to everyone or only to a specific group of people. They also have the choice of offering it as a free download or selling it.

Apart from these, equally interesting is the fact that SoundCloud has a special player that can be embedded in a website, thus making the song public to the general public. An example of such an embedding of the player can be seen on this page:  SoundCloud is one of the coolest music apps around (invites) (this is a presentation of the service in English).

As you can see, SoundCloud users can leave comments on specific parts of the track or even reply to an existing comment. The only downside of the player is that for some reason it doesn't allow for volume adjustment.

SoundCloud subscription is now open to everyone (it used to be invite-only) and the free version of the service comes with some restrictions. The most notable of these are that you can upload up to 2 hours of music, and each track can be downloaded up to 100 times and shared with up to 100 people.

It's obvious that SoundCloud is not for everyone. Those who are into music creation, however, may find it interesting and worth a look, as it is a remarkable and well thought out service.

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